Lars Fredriksson - The man behind Verso Skincare


Known as the man who brought us Restylane Skincare, Lars Fredriksson, CEO and founder of new and innovative skincare range, VERSO.

Meaning ´reverse´ in Latin, VERSO offers us the first non-prescription, high dose Vitamin A derivative in skincare. With substantial clinical trials and impressive results, we were eager to find out more.

You have been at the forefront of the Scandinavian cosmetics industry for over 20 years, launching and developing bestselling skincare ranges, not to mention being the man who brought us Restylane Skincare. Can you tell us a little more about your career, and how you got to where you are today?

I am not a doctor, chemist or a scientist. I studied finance and marketing and see myself as an entrepreneur surrounded with great people. I started in the health industry working with OTC, nutraceuticals and beauty products. I was fascinated when I realised that the cosmetic industry, (as it seemed at the time) being very poor proving their claims. I did at the time and still do see an opportunity developing cosmetic / cosmeceutical products that are true and honest with high quality. 

After developing Restylane Skincare, what inspired you to go on and develop VERSO?

Verso is a brand that’s about life style and making skincare easier to use yet very effective. I did see a gap in the market, to offer an effective product, easy to use with less precautions in classic & timeless packaging.

We’ve heard a lot about Retinol and it´s benefits for the skin, but how is the Retinol 8 in VERSO different?

Retinol 8 is a stabilised vitamin A derivative, 8 times more potent, less irritating and less UV sensitive compared to standard retinol. Because of the higher level of potency we can use a lower concentration of vitamin A, which is just as effective. This means that Verso can be used by people that have not been able to use Retinol before due to irritation and Verso can also be used during the daytime.

What improvements can we expect to see in our skin from using VERSO and it´s Retinol 8? Vitamin A is known to be the “Golden standard” of skincare.

By using Verso you will improve your radiance, reduce wrinkles, sun damage skin, clarity, redness, texture, pigmentation. Or to refer to one of the clinical trials and the dermatologist “The overall improvement of the skin condition”.

What are the most important things a woman can do for her skin?

Use a good skincare product (preferably vitamin A based), use high SPF when exposed to sun, eat healthy food and do not smoke.

How should we change our skin routine as we move through the different seasons, and through the ever changing British weather? Can VERSO be used in summer with its Retinol content?

What you may need is extra moisture during the dryer and colder season. Be more generous when applying the cream and use our Super Facial Serum which is rich and nourishing and will provide the extra moisture skin craves. Retinol 8 is less UV sensitive and can be used during daytime, even in summer. However, you should always use a SPF product when being exposed to sun.

The VERSO brand is very simple, just 6 products, whereas most brands nowadays have a huge range to choose from. Why did you choose to keep things simple for VERSO? Are the VERSO products suitable for all women and skin types?

I strongly believe that skin routines are too complicated and exaggerated and some people use too many different products, exposing their skin to too many unnecessary ingredients. Most people only need a good day cream and a good night cream.  On top of this you may need targeted products to treat different needs. Verso has been developed to work for a broad range of people and their skin. Verso is suitable for most skin conditions. For people that has severe skin conditions, I recommend to contact a dermatologist.

Are there any plans to add more products to the range in the future? Yes, we will add more products to the range which fit into our philosophy.

I do not see Verso being a brand with 100 products but we certainly will a few more coming out.

VERSO is purely formulated, with no harmful substances such as parabens, mineral oils and colourants. Why is that important for you when developing a range, and for our skin?

First and most important is that we have a product that is safe to use and performs well. I am very thorough that we minimize skin exposure to unnecessary ingredients.

When you´re not working, how do you like to relax?

I spend time with my family, I am married with three children and I love to ski and being on our boat. 

And finally, the skincare industry is developing all of the time. What do you think the next breakthroughs will be that everyday women will benefit from? And, what might be next for VERSO?

I think we are going back to basics. I think we will see new packaging that will allow us to use ingredients and in different formats that we have not been able to.